Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add a health record?

    Add a record in the records section by clicking the add button. You will be required to enter Record Title, Consultant/ Healthcare Professional Name, Provider Category, Document Type, along with optional additional pieces of information and attachments. The more information and detail you can provide, the more accurate and beneficial your records and MyMedi account will become..

  • Can I upload photos, video, files and documents with a record?

    Yes, you can upload photos, video, files and documents in the attachments section of a record. It is possible to upload most file types using the app or website.

  • Can I upload multiple attachments to a record?

    Yes, the best way to upload multiple attachments for a record is by using the multi-file selection on the website. This offers a fast 'drag and drop' bulk upload feature.

  • What type of documents and files can I upload?

    MyMedi supports most common file types like PDF, .jpg, .pdf, .doc, xls

  • How do I add appointments?

    Appointments are added from appointments section by clicking the add button.

  • How do I organise my records and appointments?

    Records and appointments are organised by categories, such as Healthcare provider, and also by using user-defined folders. Folders can be created and then records and appointments can be assigned to those folders.

  • How do I view my organised records and appointments?

    The Folders section is used to view records and appointments that have been assigned to folders. An example would be a folder named 'Shoulder Operation' that contains all shoulder operation records and appointments that have been assigned to that folder for quick and easy reference.

  • How do my health records appear in My Health?

    Records are included in My Health by selecting by adding the appropriate section in 'Tags to Sync with My Health' in record details.

  • How do I share my health records?

    The app has a share feature from the My Health section. You must enter the email address that you would like your healthcard to be sent to.

  • Can I use both website and app to access my records?

    Accounts can be securely accessed using both website and app. Data is synchronised in our secure cloud environment and accessed across devices.

  • Can I access my health records offline?

    Once a record has been opened within the app it can be accessible offline..

  • How much free space to do get?

    We are currently providing 30MB free storage space, however this may have to reduce over time.

  • When do I have to upgrade my account?

    Users must upgrade their account when they reach over the free storage space limit. This can be done via app or website.