Securely Store all your Healthcare records in one place and then Share them with your Healthcare Providers at the point of treatment

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Secure access to your medical records on the go

Store and view all your medical records on any device with one secure application. Next time you visit your doctor or have a hospital appointment, you can provide your health care professional with a simple overview of your medical history.

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Access your Records on the go

Fully secured data protection

Set reminders and track medical appointments

MyMedi gives the power to its users to set reminders for your medical appointments and trace your past appointment history in the most simplified manner. Its simple, MyMedi will remind you about your appointment even if you do not have internet connection.

Set Reminders

Store Appointment details and notes

Easy access to upcoming and past appointments

Organise your records and appointments

MyMedi lets you store records and related appointments within folders. Keeping your records and appointments organised helps your healthcare and treatment run more smoothly.

Create Folders to bundle records and appointments together

Easy to understand folders list

All your records and appointments organised

Take your docs anywhere

Available on everything you use every day.

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